Bingo Glossary

The bingo is a game with a social dimension in which you will be taken (e) to converse and interact with other players. One of the best ways to fuel your conversations is to learn the different vocabulary words related to the world of bingo. We have listed and defined most of the terms frequently used in bingo halls as well as in online chat rooms. 


After – This is a game of bingo that begins after the official end of the main session. This term does not apply to the online casino as the parties start there at any time. 


Any Way – Means that a winning combination can be made in any way (right side upside down, left facing or right facing). 


Beano – The game of choice for American children at county fairs, ‘Beano’ refers to the old name of modern bingo. Participants used beans to mark the numbers as they were drawn. As soon as one of them succeeded in forming a line, he had to shout ‘Beano.’ 


Bingo – Modern name for ‘Beano.’ If you are playing in a bingo hall with friends or family members, you will need to shout ‘Bingo’ once you have made a winning line or combination before the next number is called. 


30 Ball Bingo – This is a variant of bingo that is characterized by its extreme speed. A grid consists of 9 boxes (3 x 3). Unlike the variants mentioned below, you will only win if the 9 numbers on your grid are checked.


75 Ball Bingo – This is the most popular bingo game in North America. The grid includes 25 boxes (5 x 5). The bingo card is subdivided into 5 columns of numbers placed respectively under the letters of the word ‘BINGO.’ In the middle of the grid, you will also find a free box that is generally in the form of a star. 


80 Ball Bingo – As the name suggests, it is the intermediate version between 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. Each grid has 16 boxes (4 x 4). Typically, each column has a different color to help locate numbers. A bingo card with 80 balls groups all the numbers from 1 to 80 distributed in 5 different grids. This variant is more often playing online. 


90 Ball Bingo – This is a variant that first appeared in the United Kingdom before becoming popular in the rest of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The numbers will be arranged in 3 rows and 9 columns. Each row has 5 numbered boxes and 4 blank boxes. A 90 ball bingo card brings together all the numbers from 1 to 90 distributed in 6 different grids. 


Free Bingo – This is a bingo game where the player has no need to deposit money into their account to be able to play it. It is an ideal solution for players who want to get their hands on a free trial version first before playing in an online bingo hall for real money. 


Bingo Hardway – This is a winning combination that players must build without using the free space in the middle of the grid to achieve this.